Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Editing, a form of writing — Discussion

Editing, a form of writing — Discussion

It is commonly admitted that a documentary film finds its final form through the process of editing. But when does the editing begin and who should be supervising it?
This discussion, in addition to other events in this week's program, has as its aim to focus precisely on the technical processes that contribute to the final elaboration of the film. At what point does the act of editing intervene? After shooting or during the shoot, indeed right from the first written project outline? How do the author and the editor collaborate? What role does the producer play? Why does an author sometimes choose to edit the film alone? Is editing the final transcription of the author's original idea or is it a new form of writing that puts everything into question? Many questions, and certainly a multitude of answers to be contributed by the authors and editors invited to participate in this discussion to speak about their practice and enrich the debate with their experience.

Coordination : Encounter led by Serge Lalou, producer (Les Films d'Ici) and Valentine Roulet (CNC), in the presence of Françoise Arnaud, Agnès Bruckert, Michaël Gaumitz, Alexandra Melot, Alexe Poukine and Josefina Rodriguez.