Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 August Encounters

August Encounters

Organised by the Lussas documentary school in a convivial atmosphere, these professional meetings bring together professionals of creative documentary, invited to react critically to a dozen proposals presented by duos of producers and directors.
The meetings are designed to reinforce professional networking in particular for the younger generation of authors and producers and to stimulate the production launch of new films. They are integrated in a training method with the aim of promoting demanding projects with clearly affirmed writing styles. This year, we wanted to open these meetings to the discussion of feature length documentaries, some of which are already engaged in international co-productions. We also wanted to reinforce the presence of distributors whose role in favour of creative documentary is increasingly essential.

Chantal Steinberg

Coordination : Alexandre Cornu (Les Films du Tambours de Soie), Serge Gordey (Alegria Productions) et Vincent Sorrel (réalisateur).