Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 Building a Political Point of View?

Building a Political Point of View?


Based on a selection of films screened in the programme "Viewing Experiences", we will question those aspects of certain films which allow us to recognise the cinematic implementation of what could be described as a political energy. By this term, we understand the use of several registers which can work together or separately in a documentary to produce a sharing of the world and the construction of a story. For the sake of convenience, I distinguish five registers inseparable from the questioning of a film through the formal choices it embodies: 1) How are the bodies of power and the power of bodies filmed? 2) How are the questions of distance or proximity handled? 3) How does the film represent the balance of power, the visual and verbal space of conflict as well as that of alliance and complicity? 4) How does a collective memory emerge from individual lives' narratives? 5) What place is assigned to the community of spectators in the respect of individual particularities?
Our purpose of course is to salute the courage and risks taken in documentary creation and not to crown the formal excellence of a particular object.

Marie-José Mondzain

The films Yamo by Rami Nihawi and Differently, Molussia by Nicolas Rey will be rediscussed in this workshop.

Friday, 24 and Saturday, 25 at 2:30, Room 2

Workshop led by Marie-José Mondzain.