Les États généraux du film documentaire 2012 « La peur du réalisateur et du producteur »

« La peur du réalisateur et du producteur »

Friday, 24 at 10:00 am, Room 1


Whether a film project succeeds or fails, on top of financing, producing or broadcasting issues, also depends on the quality relationship between producer and filmmaker, on the confidence established between them or not. Up to now, the psychological interaction of this somehow special couple hasn’t been enough considered. And yet, in the field of documentary, both partners are so deeply committed to the project that in the end their relationship doesn’t merely consist of a contract or a budget. Why is it that numerous situations lead to misunderstandings and the couple then tear each other apart? Are dissensions really inevitable? To what extent are tight budgets the reason for lack of clarity? Does sometimes paranoia prevail? Is the work share of each partner recognized for its true worth?... We all have our own experience and analysis. But if you start comparing, you will soon realize that arguments and reproaches result from similar situations. They sometimes end up in terrible conflicts, with a good share of intimidation, anxiety and destruction. In other words, it looks like a divorce in due form, and each partner swears never again... till next time. 

In partnership with film magazine SO FILM.

In the presence of Blanche Guichou (Agat Films), Mathieu Belghiti (What's up Films) and Thierry Lounas (Capricci). 

Moderator: Thierry Lounas