Les États généraux du film documentaire 2011 Édito Conseil général

Édito Conseil général

Ardèche is a land of pictures. From the earliest paintings of mankind, created thirty-two thousand years ago in the Chauvet Cave, to currently fitting out movie theaters with digital equipment, the General Council gets involved day after day in promoting and developing the visual arts.

We support both film creation and showing, as well as picture awareness and education: we take part in developing university classes and vocational trainings, and in providing assistance to associations and events… In such unsettled period of time, in which changing divisional and tax laws undermine the fifty-year-old cultural devolution, the General Council keeps on carrying out a demanding, high-level cultural policy throughout the Ardèche territory.

This is why I feel particularly proud of assisting the États généraux du film documentaire, a climax in the yearlong work done by the association Ardèche Images.

For a week, in an environment propitious to cultural involvement and art encounters, creation documentary films that account for their time are available to the viewers on site. An uncompetitive event, the États généraux offer a large variety of documentary styles and issues, in which we are successively actors and observers of the world around us.

To all participants in the festival I wish great encounters and a pleasant stay in Ardèche.

Pascal Terrasse
President of the General Council of Ardèche
Deputy of Ardèche