Les États généraux du film documentaire 2011 CNC - From Script to Screen

CNC - From Script to Screen

This year, as an addition to the workshop on documentary development, two films debated in previous years' workshops will be screened and discussed with their directors and producers: Monsieur M, 1968 by Laurent Cibien and Isabelle Berteletti produced by Lardux Films and L’Été de Giacomo, a first film by Alessandro Comodin coproduced by Faber Film (Italy), Les Films d’Ici (France) and the collective Les Films Nus (Belgium). In addition to support from the Audiovisual Innovation Aid Fund, the two films also received funding from the CNC Short Film Production Aid Programme.

Monsieur M, 1968 is a documentary essay based on material which could be called "raw art" (the diary) and enriched by musical creation that bears the film's architecture from the first image to the last. The discussion will centre on the artistic collaboration between the directors, Isabelle Berteletti, who is in addition a composer, and Laurent Cibien, documentary filmmaker and foreign correspondent, and the producers Christian Pfohl and Barbara Levendangeur of Lardux Films.

The particularity of L'Été de Giacomo, aside from its strong cinematic dimension, resides in the wide gap separating the first version of the project supported by seed money from the CNC documentary preparation fund and the film that emerged, after three years of slow maturing, radically different and yet, at the same time, not so distant...

The complexities of European co-production will also be discussed.

Thursday, 25 at à 2:30 pm, Room 2.
Debate by Valentine Roulet (CNC), in the presence of Isabelle Berteletti, Laurent Cibien, Christian Pfohl et Alessandro Comodin.