Les États généraux du film documentaire 2011 Édito DRAC

Édito DRAC

Professional meetings, workshops, documentary screenings, the Lussas États généraux du film documentaire is an eminent meeting for this form of cinematic and audiovisual creation. As a festival without competition, it is a rendez-vous for all those who produce, direct, view, think about and love documentary film. Professionals, film buffs, students, researchers, the curious meet each year in a welcoming and friendly environment for screenings, debates and discussions on the role of the image and documentary film in today's world.

Documentary film questions us, challenges our biases and stimulates our curiosity through the point of view of an author. This yearly encounter is vital to understand and theorise its heritage, evolution, aesthetic and economic issues.

The Lussas festival is always attentive to the evolution of the world and the points of view expressed on unfolding events. This year, reflection on the contribution of digital tools to documentary creation will be continued on the basis of numerous films made by amateurs thanks to digital tools. The États généraux will provide the opportunity to question these initiatives and their impact.

Ardèche Images once again invites the public and professionals to learn, debate, analyse the vital spirit of documentary film. Let us plunge one for a full week into this universe so that we may emerge enlightened, moved and shaken.

Alain Lombard,
Régional Director of Cultural Affairs