Les États généraux du film documentaire 2011 Sacem Day

Sacem Day

The French Society of Composers and Musicians (Sacem), a faithful partner of the États généraux du film documentaire, will programme on Friday August 26 a day devoted to the presence of music in documentary, to the various technical, artistic and ethical problems encountered in this field by producers and directors.
This year we wish to articulate our presentation around the notion of transmission, that of knowledge as well as of emotion, via documentary but also through the recording of concerts and recreation of musical shows.

During the morning session, we will honour the collection of documentary films made under the title "Une leçon particulière de musique avec…", broadcast by la Sept-Arte, in the company of the two people who conceived the programme, Olivier Bernager, François Manceaux, and the director Jean-François Jung. Based on the screening of film excerpts, the discussion will broach the origins of this ambitious project, its editorial line as well as difficulties encountered in production and relations with broadcasters. The approaches chosen by directors will also obviously be at the heart of the debate: how does the presence of a camera, even discreet, make the viewer a privileged witness of the transmission of musical art, both through the advice and lessons given by masters as well as the transmission of those special moments when musical interpretation is recorded and discussed.

In the afternoon, the session is on the theme "The Joys and Miseries of Recording Live Music". A panel of directors and producers will discuss the issues among whom Franck Cassenti, Olivier Meston, Stéphane Kowalczyk, Jean-François Jung and Alexandre Perrier (KIDAM).
With the help of extracts from recorded concerts and shows from different repertories, points of view expressed via direction will be discussed with an eye to identifying the different ways of showing music, reproducing it using the image and reveal how, with its own means, audiovisual art transmits emotion and can help enlarge understanding of musical discourse. The problems of production, relations with broadcasters, those of format and multi-channel forms of distribution will also be discussed.

Finally the evening session will be devoted to the screening of the film Gnawa Music - Body and Soul directed by Franck Cassenti, which won the 2011 Sacem annual Award for Best Creative Documentary on Music. Without indicating any relation of cause and effect, we can note that this distinction echoes the meeting organised at last year's États généraux du film documentaire when, during a discussion on musical ethnology, Franck Cassenti showed excerpts from the film, then in production. The Prize will be awarded at the close of the projection by Pascal Ianco, music publisher and member of the Sacem Contemporary Music Commission and of the jury which awarded the prize.

A good Lussas Festival to all!

Olivier Bernard, Sacem cultural activities

Guests : Olivier Bernager, Frank Cassenti, Jean-François Jung, Stéphane Kowalczyk, Pascal Ianco, François Manceaux, Olivier Meston, Alexandre Perrier.

In the presence of Olivier Bernard et Aline Jelen (Sacem cultural activities).