Les États généraux du film documentaire 2011 Scam: Radio Night

Scam: Radio Night

An outdoors evening organised by the Scam and Ina with the support of Radio France.

Thursday August 25 2011 at 9:00 pm at Saint-Laurent-sous-Coiron.
Free shuttle buses will leave the church of Lussas from 8:00 pm.

What do Pierre Boulez, Peter Handke, Michel Winock and Claude Nougaro have in common? At first sight, nothing except that they are heard among others in this selection proposed to you for the 2011 Radio Night.

Ah yes, radio has memory! We're inclined to say: "fortunately", for it hasn't always been the case, if we think of the tens of thousands of hours of radio production which has disappeared, justifying Jean Cocteau's remarks when he said, in one of those pithy comments to which he had the secret: "Screen fly, mike fly, writing remains!". It was an almost guild-like way of celebrating the supposed superiority of writing over all other media... Fortunately what is called "audiovisual" media long ago incorporated the unwritten rules of "cultural heritage" (to speak in what is almost a cliché...) and sound archives are there to demonstrate that radio remains an indispensable medium in 2011, whatever progress made by its so-called competitors, in particular, Television, the Internet, the Computer, etc.

Everything has been said about the comparative advantages of image and sound with formulas such as "The eye hears", "The ear sees", etc. This is not for us the most important. Rather we wish to remind the audience of the irreplaceable nature of radio at a time when everything seems to favour "the visual image", which is not a pleonasm to the extent that sound images exist.

Let us simply say — before listening to this selection — that sound, word and image have divided up roles in a media "Yalta" that could be defined as follows:
- Radio answers the question "what?"
- Television answers the question "how?"
- the written Press answers the question "why?"
Clearly things are not that simple; but in any case radio, from the time of the beginnings of on-air transmission to the digital future, remains indispensable.
It is also the time to drag out that old joke: "Radio? It's television without that parasite, the image!..."

Pierre Bouteiller, President of the Audio Commission at the Scam

A programme proposed by Janine Marc-Pezet, member of the Scam Audio Commission.
With the aid of Gregor Beck (Scam Belgium), Haude Vassent (phonothèque, Ina), Frédéric Fiard (editing and mix).

1981-2011: 30 years of awards

Culled from programmes distinguished by Scam Sound Commission awards over thirty years, this hundred and ten minutes anthology is a selection of excerpts from winners of the Best Programme of the Year award and the Young Talent prize.
Thirty years of creation to be heard with a pair of headphones under the stars at Saint-Laurent-sous-Coiron.

Claude Hudelot
Best Programme of the Year award 1981

Mission Chine : les minorités nationales

In 1979, China counted a billion inhabitants. The Han, the best known people, are the immense majority. But what do we know exactly about the fifty national minorities that represent sixty million inhabitants?

1980, 2’20
Production: Claude Hudelot
Diffusion: France Culture

Georges Léon
Best Programme of the Year award 1982

Sur les sentiers de la poétique : de Boulez à Mallarmé

Georges Léon talks about the process of creation and interpretation.

1981, 1’54, Collection Musiques de notre temps
presentation, production : Georges Léon
Broadcast: France Culture

Georges Lochack et Emile Noël
Best Programme of the Year award 1983

Douze clés pour la physique

In this series of programmes Georges Lochack, Researcher at the CNRS and Director of the Louis de Broglie Foundation identified twelve essential keys to understand physics and its phenomena.

1982, 2’06, Collection Sciences, series of twelve programs
Production: Emile Noël et Georges Lochack
Broadcast: France Culture

Claude Dominique et Michel Winock
Best Programme of the Year award 1985, for Le Passé singulier

In illustration, an excerpt from the series devoted to Joseph Delteil.

Joseph Delteil, écrivain célèbre des années 1920

Joseph Delteil remains indissociable from the rural France which inspired him — starting with "La Deltheillerie", his estate in the Aude...

1984, 2’36, Collection Le Passé singulier, series of five programs
Presentation: Thierry Beccaro
Production: Claude Dominique et Michel Winock
Broadcast: France Inter

Carlos Semprun Maura et Philippe Ganier-Raymond
Best Programme of the Year award 1987

Une guerre perdue et oubliée

For the fiftieth anniversary of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, Carlos Semprun Maura and Philippe Ganier-Raymond dusted off little known archives and produced five hours of exceptional programming. Among other things, we hear Léon Blum request an embargo on arms shipments to Spain, and General Franco pay homage to the French people.

1986, 4’29, Collection Communauté des Radios Publiques de Langue Française (CRPLF), series of five programs
Production: Carlos Semprun Maura, Philippe Ganier-Raymond
Technical direction: Maurice Audran
Broadcast: France Culture

Jean Daive
Best Programme of the Year award 1988, for the series Mardis du cinéma and Une vie, une œuvre

As an illustration of this award, an excerpt from a Mardis du cinéma devoted to Wim Wenders.

« Faux-mouvements », de Peter Handke et Wim Wenders

In 1975, Wim Wenders and Peter Handke made The Wrong Move, an adaptation from the Goethe's Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship, transposed to the GFR in the seventies. Ten years later, each scene of the film is analysed...

1989, 2’14, Collection Mardis du cinéma
Production: Jean Daive
Technical direction: Jean-Claude Loiseau
Broadcast: France Culture

Claude Ollier et Alain Veinstein
Best Programme of the Year award 1989

Du jour au lendemain : Claude Ollier

Alain Veinstein welcomes Claude Ollier for the publication of his notebooks Les Liens d'espace. The writer talks about the demands of a "very totalitarian activity"...

1989, 3’13, Collection Du jour au lendemain
Production: Alain Veinstein
Author and participant: Claude Ollier
Broadcast: France Culture

Patrice Gélinet
Best Programme of the Year award 1991

Chronique d’une guerre oubliée : Indochine 1945-1954

Patrice Gélinet tracked down the principal protagonists of this "forgotten war" and brought together over these seven programs more than forty participants (Brigitte Friang, Lucien Bodart, Colonel Le Kim, Pierre Messmer, General Bigeard, Bao Dai...).

1990, 2’47, Collection Chronique d’une guerre oubliée, series of seven programs
Presentation, production: Patrice Gélinet
Technical direction: Christine Bernard-Sugy
Broadcast: France Culture

Daniel Mermet
Best Programme of the Year award 1993, for Là-bas si j’y suis

In illustration, an excerpt from the series devoted to October 17, 1961.

La Manifestation algérienne à Paris du 17 octobre 1961

Daniel Mermet investigates the "taboo" years, those years of war that nobody wants to remember and that still rot within the troubled history between France and Algeria. October 17, 1961: the demonstration, police violence, bloodbath. And forgotten memories on both sides of the Mediterranean.

1992, 2’08, Collection Là-bas si j’y suis, series of three programs
Presentation, production: Daniel Mermet
Technical direction: Philippe Labrousse
Broadcast: France Inter

Carole Pither
Best Programme of the Year award 1994

Les Folies de la forêt, Amazonia 93

Carole Pither remembers. In 1971 in full flower power period, when everyone was heading for San Francisco or India, she followed her husband to Brazil. Twenty years later, she returns to "her" Brazil, scarcely known, far from any tourist trail.

1993, 3’55, Collection Carnets de voyage, series of five programs
Presentation, production : Carole Pither
Technical direction: Georges Kiosseff
Broadcast: France Culture

Alain Poulanges
Best Programme of the Year award 1995, for En avant la zizique

As an illustration of this Prize, an extract from the series on the singer Claude Nougaro.

Claude Nougaro

The "rebel and guerilla fighter of society" speaks his mind to Alain Poulanges.

1994, 3’27, Collection En avant la zizique, series of ten programs
Presentation: Alain Poulanges
Production : Alain Poulanges, Janine Marc-Pezet
Technical direction: Michel-Alain Barjou
Broadcast: France Inter

Alexandre Héraud
Young Talent prize 1995

Les « Restaveks »

Haiti, April 1994. The country is in a state of siege, in the grip of the ex "tontons-macoutes", and young girls working as servants talk of the situation.

1994, 4’21, Collection Grand Angle
Production: Alexandre Héraud
Technical direction: François Bréhinier
Broadcast: France Culture

Stéphane Deligeorges
Best Programme of the Year award 1996

Au cœur des ténèbres : cinq jours de voyage sous-marin à bord du Triomphant

An unusual journey in a new generation submarine, amid unfamiliar sounds and suffocating heat. The ship dives to 70 meters below surface.

1995, 3’30
Presentation, production : Stéphane Deligeorges
Technical direction: Yvon Croizier
Broadcast: France Culture

Gérard Pesson
Best Programme of the Year award 1998

Ravel le bien-aimé

Ravel's Boléro is the French work that generates the most royalties and the greatest number of stories. Including the one about the maestro's baton during the recording of his masterpiece...

1997, 3’20, Collection Le Temps des musiciens, series of five programs
Presentation, production: Gérard Pesson
Broadcast: France Musique

Françoise Breton
Best Programme of the Year award 1999

Zoé, la première pile atomique française

Z as in "zero energy", O as in "uranium oxyde", W as in "heavy water"... Zoé marks the high point in the career of French researcher Frédéric Joliot, but also the discovery of artificial radiation in 1948.

1998, 3’25, Collection Le Temps des sciences
Presentation, production: Françoise Breton
Technical direction: Nathalie Battus
Broadcast: France Culture

Dominique Lévy et Catherine Berchadsky
Best Programme of the Year award 2000

Tu finiras au bagne

In twenty eight-minute episodes, Dominique Lévy and Catherine Berchadsky recount two centuries of penal servitude from 1748 to 1938. In this excerpt, an ex-convict describes Cayenne, the story of a wasted life.

1999, 2’21, series of twenty programs
Technical direction: Dominique Lévy, Catherine Berchadsky
Production: L’Atelier de création Midi Aquitaine de Radio France
Broadcast: France Bleu Midi Aquitaine

Jean-Louis Rioual et Julie Chambon
Young Talent prize 2002

Petites histoires d’impunité

On December 13, 1998, Burkinabe journalist Norbert Zongo, famous for his investigations and commitment, was assassinated. His death provoked an unprecedented political and popular earthquake throughout the country. In addition to Radio Grésivaudan, some fifteen non-commercial radios broadcast this report throughout France.

Production: Julie Chambon et Jean-Louis Rioual
Broadcast: Radio Grésivaudan (Isère)

Anne Cheptou
Best Programme of the Year award 2002

La Tête de Lénine

La plus grosse tête en bronze du monde se trouve en Sibérie Orientale, dans la ville d’Oulan-Oudé, sur la place des Soviets : c’est la tête de Lénine. Entre mythe soviétique et légende bouriate.

2001, 3’41, Collection Atelier de création radiophonique
Production: Anne Chepto, René Farabet
Presentation: René Farabet
Broadcast: France Culture

Adrien Walter
Best Programme of the Year award 2003

Saisir la guerre

War journalists, cameramen and sound recorders are interviewed. What memories do they have of their first report, their first contact with war? Words in light and shadow.

2002, 3’58, Collection Surpris par la nuit
Presentation, production: Alain Veinstein et Adrien Walter
Technical direction: Gaël Gillon
Broadcast: France Culture

Guillaume Istace
Best Programme of the Year award Scam Belgium 2003

240 secondes

Football, its moments of joy, its darkest hours. Via this sound postcard from Belgium, some snapshots will remain engraved in the memory.

2003, 3’25
Technical direction, editing: Guillaume Istace
Production: Axolotl Asbl
Broadcast: RTBF - La Première

Zoé Varier
Best Programme of the Year award 2004, for Écoutez, des anges passent

In illustration, an excerpt from a tender meeting with Susie Morgenstern.

Susie Morgenstern, la sorcière bien-aimée

Zoé Varier talks with Susie Morgenstern: Talk to me about love!

2003, 3’56, Collection Écoutez, des anges passent
Presentation, production : Zoé Varier
Technical direction: Michèle Soulier
Broadcast: France Inter

Francesca Piolot
Best Programme of the Year award 2004, for La vie comme elle va

As an illustration, a moment of philosophy.

La Sérénité

In this discussion, Marcel Conche recounts a vagabond itinerary in search of the essential.

2006, 3’03, Collection La Vie comme elle va
Presentation, production: Francesca Piolot
Technical direction: Laetitia Coïa
Broadcast: France Culture

Christophe Deleu et François Teste
Best Programme of the Year award 2005

La Lointaine (1ère partie)

Claire Sonnier, twenty-five, disappeared on October 3, 2003 in the North of France. But even more than her disappearance, the young woman's personality intrigues.

2004, 3’17, Collection Le Vif du sujet
Presentation, production : Christophe Deleu, François Teste, Alexandre Héraud
Broadcast: France Culture

Caroline Cartier
Young Talent prize 2005, for Cartier libre

As an illustration, the loves of Nicolas.

Le Petit Nicolas

Cartier libre is a morning chronicle in the 7-9 news slot on France Inter. Four minutes of raw sound, skilfully shaped and forged by a jeweller of the air. Today's theme: the tiny stories and great loves that preoccupy Nicolas, a six year-old child.

2006, 2’03, Collection Cartier libre
Production: Caroline Cartier
Broadcast: France Inter

Jean-Jacques Chauchard
Young Talent prize 2006

Mémoire vive

Mémoire vive is an educational project aimed at young people in trouble based on the production of professional radio broadcasts. Eight youths, followed by the judicial youth service, talk about the relationship they maintain with "memory"...

2005, 2’23, Collection Territoires de jeunesse
Production : Jean-Jacques Chauchard
Broadcast: RFI

Luis Mendez
Best Programme of the Year award 2006

Mémoire d’Ene Asche Troie

From 1984 to 1993, the works committee of the AZF factory in Toulouse published five issues of the review Ene Asche Troie. Defining itself as a review of literature and the imaginary, it gathered writing by employees of the companies making up the South Toulouse chemical zone. In 2005, four years after the explosion of the AZF factory, Luis Mendez returned to the day of the drama: survivors spoke and the memory of the company broke the surface.

2005, 4’20
Technical direction: Luis Mendez
Broadcast: Radio Canal Sud (Toulouse)

« Sur les Docks »
Best Programme of the Year award 2007

Produced by Pierre Chevalier, the programme Sur les Docks enlisted forty-two authors in 2006.

Sur les Docks

The time, our time, is as fascinating as it is upsetting. Sur les Docks, a daily programme on France Culture, attempts an approach to the Real — here, elsewhere, now — via series or mini-series on the same subject, made by producers who favour the multiplicity of viewpoints.

2006, credits, 25 secondes

« Des Papous dans la tête »
Best Programme of the Year award 2007

Des Papous dans la tête

By Papous, we mean a play on writing or language marked by a strong taste for nonsense, buffoonery, and an appetite for derision. Introduced by Françoise Treussard, this Sunday France Culture programme invited painters, writers, filmmakers, journalists, actors and literature teachers... who all had in common a spirit of light wit.

2006, 1’39
Presentation, production: Françoise Treussard
Technical direction: Claude Giovanetti

Philippe Cassard
Best Programme of the Year award 2008, for Notes du traducteur

To illustrate, a few moments shared with Ravel.

Ravel : « Pavane pour une infante défunte »

As narrated by Philippe Cassard, this "Pavane" is pure poetry. Words and notes intertwine and speak of love, describe childhood, express pain.

2007, 3’45, Collection Notes du traducteur
Presentation, production: Philippe Cassard
Techncial direction: Céline Parfenoff
Broadcast: France Musique

Léonore Chaix et Flor Lurienne
Best Programme of the Year award 2009, for Déshabillez mots

Déshabillez mots is a gourmets' meeting where every word is tasted like a forbidden fruit. In a subtle and irreverent tone two feminine voices have fun undressing commonly held notions on language.

As an illustration, an excerpt from L’Infidélité

2008, 2’02, Collection Déshabillez mots
Presentation, production: Léonore Chaix et Flor Lurienne
Technical direction: Cyril Metreau
Broadcast: France Inter

Christophe Modica
Best Programme of the Year award 2009

1968 secondes d’intimité et trente secondes de silence

"I asked my parents to talk to me about the month of May 68" begins Christophe Modica. Follows a personal history, far away from that of the world, where two beings, lovers out of time, remember their meeting.

2008, 4’17
Presentation, Technical direction: Christophe Modica
Diffusion Broadcast: Radio Grenouille (Marseille)

Richard Kalisz
Best Programme of the Year award Scam Belgium 2009

Visage interdit, figure détruite : une histoire d’amour

"The prostitute and his client? The greatest writers have talked about it, it's true. But not me. And we're not talking about literature." Richard Kalisz

2008, 4’46

Recording, technical direction: Richard Kalisz
Production : Théatre Jacques Gueux, with the support of the RTBF (Du côté des ondes), of the Creative Radio Aid Fund and Radio Air Libre.

Broadcast: Radio Air Libre

Thomas Baumgartner
Young Talent prize 2010, for Les Passagers de la nuit

In fifty minutes of hand crafted radio, Les Passagers de la nuit invites the audience each night to enter a playground of multiple and playful forms: minimalist fiction, documentary serials, editing games, manipulated archives...

Mon ton son

A sound portrait of Thomas de Guillaud-Bataille and Véronik Lamendour.

2009-2010, 2’30, Collection Les Passagers de la nuit
Presentation, production: Thomas Baumgartner
Technical direction: Gaël Gillon
Broadcast: France Culture

Giv Anquetil
Best Programme of the Year award 2010, for Giv’me Cuba, Giv’me Brazil et Giv’me Jazz

As an illustration, an excerpt from the programme Giv’me Jazz

Nouvelle Orléans et balade en Louisiane

Giv Anquetil takes us into deepest Louisiana for an extraordinary meeting in the heart of the bayou. In his wooden house, D.L. Ménard, a seventy-six year old Cajun remembers yesteryear's balls and their music.

2008-2009, 5’, Collection Giv’me Jazz
Presentation, production: Giv Anquetil
Technical direction: Yann Chouquet
Broadcast: France Inter