Les États généraux du film documentaire 2010 Sacem Day

Sacem Day

The Sacem (French society of composers and musicians) is once again present at the États généraux du film documentaire and will propose on Friday, August 27, a full day of screenings devoted to musical documentary. This programme will tackle new themes and approaches of a genre that, in its diversity, recounts year after year the multiplicity of musical experiences, in time and space, reflecting the original project of Lussas.

During the morning session, Eric Darmon, director and producer, will organise an encounter where he will discuss the phase of pre-production, the phase leading up to the direction of a specific type of musical documentary: the portrait. Using excerpts from some of his films, he will reflect on the long, winding, often complex, road leading from the intention to the direction of a particular film. He will talk about adventures associated with meeting the people who are objects of the exercise and the biographical and documentary research necessary for the construction of a final scenario. He will also discuss the series of doubts that punctuate all the phases of film production, difficulties of financing, producing and also the relations with broadcasters and distributors during this preparatory phase of the audiovisual work.

The afternoon session will be devoted to the transmission of traditional music via documentary. Several approaches will be discussed, several periods and different ideological assumptions all perceived from the opportunities and dangers opened up by the current process of globalisation. Hélène Delaporte, ethno-musicologist and director, film-makers Franck Cassenti and Yves Billon will speak of their own experiences and will discuss their specific practices and approaches to making films on music from around the world - in particular that of the Gnawa, from the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh), from Cuba or that of Albanian migrants in northern Greece... This theme will allow us to salute the contributions of various past personalities, films or events in the field of world music such as Jean Rouch, Gilbert Rouget, Satyajit Ray...

Finally, the day will conclude with the projection of the film La Peau sur la table - Un portrait de Bernard Cavanna, directed by Delphine de Blic who won this year's Sacem prize for best musical documentary. The prize will be awarded at the end of the evening by Edith Canat de Chizy, a composer, who presides the Contemporary Music commission at the Sacem as well as the jury who selected this film.

In addition, this year, the Sacem is collaborating with the Scam for the projection, on Wednesday, August 25, of Vive le son ! Florilège sonore du film documentaire directed by François Porcile. As musicologist and recognised director, François Porcile presented last year during the previous Sacem Day at Lussas a noted contribution on the theme "Propaganda images and music in films (1936-1949)" illustrated by particularly strong films and film excerpts from this troubled period. The film he is proposing this year is a subtle musical and sound tour retracing the history of music through documentary since 1929.

Olivier Bernard, Sacem cultural activities

Coordination : In the presence of Olivier Bernard and Aline Jelen (Sacem cultural activities).

Guests : Yves Billon, Delphine de Blic, Edith Canat de Chizy, Franck Cassenti, Bernard Cavanna, Éric Darmon, Hélène Delaporte, François Porcile.