Les États généraux du film documentaire 2010 CNC - Writing and Developing a Creative Documentary

CNC - Writing and Developing a Creative Documentary

Friday, 27 at 10:30 am, Room 4

For the fourth consecutive year, the CNC is organising a workshop on the process of developing a documentary project that has received support from the Audiovisual Innovation Aid Fund for creative documentary. The workshop this year will be built on the project, Giacomino, Alessandro Comodin's first film.
The film he made in his graduating year at INSAS, Jagdfieber, was selected in 2009 for the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at Cannes. Giacomino is an Italian-Franco-Belgian coproduction between Faber Film (Paolo Benzi), Les Films d'Ici (Réjane Michel) and Les Films Nus, a Belgian collective of young directors and technicians trained at INSAS where they met, and motivated by the will to defend a free and original cinema.

Giacomo, an eighteen year old adolescent, deaf since shortly after his birth, lives in a small village in the Italian region of Veneto, where the plains have been torn from the sea. Giacomo has decided to hear for the first time in his life. It is summer and young people spend their time swimming at the beach or in village festivities. A few months ago, Giacomo had implanted a device capable of allowing him to hear again. He spends his time alone or with his bestfriend between children's games, bicycle rides and dreams of love. He is waiting the arrival of sound. While he learns to recognise language and an unknown audio universe, he also rediscovers the world which until now, he had just seen but never heard. This summer is the season of Giacomo's metamorphosis.

The workshop will centre on the problems of developing and producing first films and will attempt to show, via the experience of Alessandro Comodin, the environment confronting young creators today.

Guests : Alessandro Comodin (director, member of the collective Les Films Nus), Réjane Michel (producer, Les Films d'Ici), Paolo Benzi (producer, Faber Film).