Les États généraux du film documentaire 2009 Scam


The Author's rights workshop

Between two projections and a debate, the Scam proposes to offer the authors present at the États généraux a basic information workshop to understand the rules protecting author's rights in France governing the protection, production and exploitation of a work of audiovisual documentary.
- Who is the author?
- What are her or his rights in relative to producers?
- What contract should be signed?
- What is the role of the Scam?
- How are author's rights paid?
- What about video publishing rights?
- Does internet exploitation generate rights?

The workshop will be led by Leïla Bénichou, legal expert at the Scam with Guy Seligmann, President of the Scam.

Information: Stéphane Joseph: + 33(0)6 82 90 01 93