Les États généraux du film documentaire 2009 Conseil général de l'Ardèche

Conseil général de l'Ardèche

The organizing team of the États généraux du film documentaire wishes to place this 2009 edition under the banner of commitment, confirming in this way one of the specifics of the kind of documentary the association Ardèche Images, festival organizer, promotes and cultivates throughout the year via its multiple activities.
The existence of a work of art respectful of its original intentions always demands understanding and support, indeed a certain element of risk, from each one of its actors, whether you consider the position filmmakers take to their subject, their artistic choices, the support of producers, broadcasters or founders, or indeed the attitude of the public. Whether this commitment in documentary film expresses itself via the form or the content, it seems that the desire to confront the Real carries within itself a desire to act on it through the intermediary of the spectator. To observe, to record, to see, these are already no doubt acts of commitment, they lend existence to the object of observation and interact with it.
Aside from the unique specifics of documentary as a genre of cinema, we also have to note the particular position this expressive form occupies in the department of Ardèche. By confronting one by one the problems of the documentary genre, the association Ardèche Images and the numerous structures that collaborate with it have forcefully imposed the existence of a documentary pole to which public institutions are attentive.
Over these last few years, the department has significantly increased its involvement in cinema, in particular to accompany the development of documentary production and distribution as well as training. The question of raising awareness more specifically to documentary is now under discussion among the department's administration. We share in this way the concerns of the team at Lussas.
Allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate the team of Ardèche Images for their remarkable work, as much for the États généraux du film documentaire as for the activities carried out throughout the year. I wish that the participants in this new edition may live the moments of discovery, emotion and exchange which are so unique to this event.

Pascal Terrasse, President of the Ardèche Conseil Général