Les États généraux du film documentaire 2008 Films, books, musics, and... cocktails

Films, books, musics, and... cocktails

La Maison du doc
Since 1994, the Ardèche Images Resource Center has maintained a database on French-language European documentaries. The database, which can be accessed through the Internet at www.lussasdoc.com, can be used to obtain general information, information on a specific subject, to establish filmographies. The database is currently a repository for 15,000 films.
The aim of La Maison du doc is to be a living memory and repository for films. The Club du doc (Video Library Cooperative) plays a role in the achievement of this aim; it can be accessed, either on site or remotely, by film professionals who become members once one of their films becomes part of the collection. The Club is also open to other professionals working in film: researchers, critics, historians, film and television journalists, teachers, film students, and the local population. Members who have not deposited a film pay annual membership fees.
La Maison du doc also promotes the creation of alliances; it is a place where people can come to discover documentary films. Stays can be organized for interested writers, directors, producers, and broadcasters, all year long.

Open from 10.00 am to 8.30 pm
For further information contact
La Maison du doc — 07170 Lussas
Tél. +33(0)4 75 94 25 25 — Fax +33(0)4 75 94 26 18
lussas.maison@wanadoo.fr — www.lussasdoc.com

The Video Library
The Video Library is a depositery for approximatively eight hundreds films produced between 2007 and 2008; they have been catalogued (technical description and summary of each entry) and are also indexed by name and subject. The selected films are also related to this year's themes and program.
Directors can also use this area as a special screening room for small groups.
To screen older films that are part of the Club du doc's collection, contact la Maison du doc.

Lussas Schoolhouse — from 10.00 am to 8.30 pm
These services are free-of-charge for anyone with a pass and members of the Ardèche Images Association.
Price: 1 euro / 30 minutes.

Hors Champ
French language daily of the États généraux, available free every morning, Hors Champ accompanies spectators through the films of the different screening selections. The paper is made up of short critical texts, chronicles, reports and informations on the event. Hors Champ offers a variety of paths for reflection and allows continuation of the questioning raised during seminars and debates. In particular, it invites the viewer to discover films which have been little or not at all seen, whose form and content enrich and renew our way of looking at the Real.

Cinédoc at the Maison du Doc
The Cinédoc bookshop offers a choice of books and reviews (mostly French language) devoted to the themes and programming of the year, as well as a variety of DVDs and collectors’ posters. Authors will be on hand to sign copies of selected works during the week.

Cinédoc, 45 passage Jouffroy, 75009 Paris
Tél. +33(0)1 48 24 71 36

Doc Net Shop at the “Épicerie documentaire”
The association Doc Net Films proposes a selection of DVD documentaries drawn from her catalogue as well as a wide range of publishers linked to the year’s themes and programme.

Association Doc Net Films, le village, 07170 Lussas
Tél. +33(0)4 75 94 24 54

Bruno Vallet exposes in various hosting places of the village some photographies of the manifestation that he follows since 2003.
He also presents his daily photographic diary at the Blue Bar, starting Tuesday, August 19.

Wednesday, August 20 at 7.00 pm — Élëna — at the Green Bar
Saturday, August 23 at 11.30 pm — Concert and dance, “Doudoumba” with some musicians, dancers, acrobats and juglers from Guinea-Conakry and France.

Around a glass
- Opening Cocktail
Sunday August 17 at 11.30 pm, open air.
Offered by the Lussas Wine Cooperative, Ardèche brewer Bourganel, Carrier dairy, Sabaton and the organisers of the États généraux du film documentaire.

- Scam Cocktail
Wednesday, 20 at 11.00 pm, at Saint Laurent sous Coiron.
Offered by the Scam following the Radio Night.

- CNC Drink
Thursday, 21 at 1.00 pm, at Green Bar.
Offered by the CNC following the meeting “Writing and developing a creative documentary”.

- Sacem Cocktail
Friday, 22 at 11.00 pm at the Lussas schoolhouse.
Offered by the Sacem following the evening screening.