Les États généraux du film documentaire 2008 Home projections

Home projections

Lussas, the third week of August. For a few days the village becomes the centre of the world of French documentary. Lussas inhabitants can be excused for feeling lost among the crowd that invades their main street. But there is a way out. Invite the festival into your home, during a courtyard or living room screening.
How to do this: in your garden, a back yard, or a shed in case of rain, prepare what you need for a moment of conviviality. Invite your friends, neighbours, for a private projection. We take care of everything else: we bring the film you have chosen, its director and the projection equipment. And the magic takes hold once more, bringing to everyone who participates a moment of exchange, confrontation with the other, in an atmosphere which is at once familiar but always full of surprises.