Les États généraux du film documentaire 2008 Rencontres de Lavilledieu

Rencontres de Lavilledieu

Monday 18 - Wednesday 20 August 2008, Cloister of Lavilledieu, behind closed doors

Les “Rencontres de Lavilledieu” deal with documentary projects and bring together authors-directors, producers, commissioning editors of French-speaking TV channels and institutional partners.
During the meetings, each pair consisting in a director and a producer presents a film under development. The audiovisual “experts” are requested to criticize each of the projects.
This professional coming together is also meant to be an additional training period in film writing and development. Eleven projects have been selected this year.

Coordination : Alexandre Cornu (Les Films du Tambour de soie), Sylvie Randonneix (Nord-Ouest documentaires) and Anne-Marie Luccioni (Eurodoc).