Les États généraux du film documentaire 2008 FédéRézo-SPI


Wednesday, August 20 at 10.00 am, Room 4

Decentralized TV, keep on trying!
In France, almost all TV channel headquarters and regulating bodies are concentrated in a limited area of the upmarket neighbourhood of West Paris.
The two hundred French regional producers could hardly believe it when they heard that the Copé commission was recommending the reorganization of France 3 in seven big regional bodies. The elected representatives and professionals in this commission were considering the creation of fully operating regional public channels, similar to those of our British and German neighbours. Their high spirits wouldn’t last for long. During his press conference, the French President briskly put an end to their hopes.
Next autumn, when the audiovisual bill is submitted to Parliament, defending the budget of France Télévisions will be a crucial issue for the future of audiovisual creation and the protection of plurality in our country. Our elected national and local representatives of all political mainstreams will also be in charge of re-balancing the French audiovisual system in support of the regions. It is the duty of all regional professionals in the field of audio-visual to remind them to do so as long as it’s not too late, if we don’t want the opportunities suggested by the Copé report to be definitely dashed.

Meeting organized by FédéRézo (Federation of the Associations of Regional Producers) and SPI (Union of Independent Producers).

Guests : Christian Dauriac (ancien directeur de la rédaction nationale de FR3 et ancien directeur de la recherche et du développement à France Télévisions) et Sampiero Sanguinetti (ancien responsable des antennes de France 3 Corse/Via Stella).