Les États généraux du film documentaire 2008 CNC


Thursday, August 21 at 10.30 am, Room 4

Writing and developing a creative documentary

The discussion will develop around questions of writing and development raised by the project Monsieur M, 1968, written by Isabelle Berteletti and Laurent Cibien and produced by Lardux Films. This project was developed with aid from the CNC's Audiovisual Documentary Innovation Aid Fund.
A small black diary, found among others, in the cellar of a house after the death of its owner. In this diary, dating from 1968, a slender handwriting: day after day, Mr M, forty-one years old, a bachelor still living with his parents, staff employee at the French National Geographic Institute recounts, relates with neither passion nor feeling, the events of his life: walks taken with his mother to the supermarket, roadworks in the city, the streets he takes to go to work, the fridge which breaks down, his bank account... And TV, every evening or almost, on the single station, Pierre Sabbagh, Georges Descrières, Michel Droit, 5 Colonnes à la Une, Les Chevaliers du Ciel… An orderly life in a period when all order seems to be going awry. Under the pencil strokes of Mr M, ever louder echoes of the revolt under way, a changing world, can be heard... A reflection on order and disorder.

“A documentary essay based on material that we could qualify as Primitive Art (the diary), we desire to develop and work on the writing of this project in order to make it a true work of creation.” Christian Pfohl.
“This film is a cinematographic and musical essay on our history, our daily life, ourselves. It is work of dialogue between a director, a historian trained as a journalist, and a musical artist whose research is nourished by the poetic dimensions of this notebook.” Isabelle Berteletti and Laurent Cibien.