Les États généraux du film documentaire 2007 Lavilledieu Encounters

Lavilledieu Encounters

From Monday 20 to Wednesday 22 August, Lavilledieu Cloisters, behind closed doors

These encounters bring together author-directors, producers, television commissioning editors and institutional partners for an expert audit of documentary projects. The first day, a dozen directors and their producers form a workshop to prepare discussions with the experts under the guidance of two producers, Alexandre Cornu (Les Films du Tambour de soie) and Sylvie Randonneix (Nord-Ouest documentaires). The next two days, the experts work in pairs to discuss with each participant during individual encounters, then a strategy is defined adapted to each project. In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, these three days aim at facilitating the production of projects which have already been developed, to exchange and deepen different points of view between professional partners who are often inaccessible.