Les États généraux du film documentaire 2007 CNC


Thursday, August 23 at 10.00 am, Room 2

Producing for several broadcast platforms
How can a producer organise the artistic and economic accompaniment of a film conceived right from the start for several platforms of distribution? This is the theme to be discussed in this meeting centered on the project Second Life, Deuxième Chance by Alain Della Negra and Kaori Kinoshita, produced by Thierry Lounas (Capprici Films). This film received support from the CNC’s Audiovisual Innovation Fund as well as the Multimedia Artistic Creation Support programme (DICREAM).
The meeting will be organised around the reading of excerpts from the script by one actor, a presentation of rough cuts, linear and interactive, a discussion of the producer’s work from the beginnings of such a project to its production.

The documentary feature film project Persistant Suburbs as well as the short film Neighborhood by Alain Della Negra and Kaori Kinoshita will be also presented during the encounter.

Second Life is a virtual on-line universe. Today it brings together several hundreds of thousands of internauts, the “residents”. Each resident creates, according to his or her wishes, an avatar, a transformed self, a virtual character who acts in the game. In addition to her or his “First Life” (real life) each resident henceforth possesses a “Second Life” (virtual life) in the game.

Guests : En présence d’Alain Della Negra et Kaori Kinoshita (réalisateurs), Thierry Lounas (producteur), Valentine Roulet (chef de service de la Direction de la création, des territoires et des publics – CNC) et sous réserve Jean-Michel Martial (comédien).