Les États généraux du film documentaire 2007 Commissioning policies

Commissioning policies

August 20-23, Blue Bar

Little Friendly Conversations

Four meetings to sharpen our knowledge of the editorial lines of French television companies during an hour-long discussion, the time of a pre-dinner glass of wine.

– France 3, presented by Olivier Guiton and France 2, presented by Fabrice Puchault, Monday, August 20 at 7.00 pm.
– France 5, presented by Geneviève Boyer, and to be confirmed ZDF, presented by Martin Pieper, Tuesday, August 21 at 1.00 pm.
– Arte et ZDF (Thémas), presented by Nadine Zwick, Anne-Laure Négrin and Suzanne Mertens, Wednesday, August 22 at 7.00 pm.
– RTBF, presented by Wilbur Leguebe, Thursday, August 23 at 6.30 pm.

Limited entry. Remember to pre-register at the following mail egd.orga@yahoo.fr or during the week at the Accueil public place.