The residency / Training in documentary scripwriting


How can you progress from a film idea to a film project, from the dream of a film to a film-to-be, how can you reach your objective: These are crucial questions for a documentary filmmaker. In-depth working on the scriptwriting, designed as a tool for the film development, should enable to answer or at least clarify most of them.

The residency in Lussas, created in 1997, hosts scriptwriters of documentary films, beginners or not, and provides them with the opportunity to share a fundamental step, made of questioning and implementing the film, with other scriptwriters who are involved in the same process.

They are granted the possibility of testing their ability to express clear thoughts in their scripts, continuously supported and enriched by the attention of the others, trainees and instructors, by film viewings, by directing exercises and by experimenting the researching process.


Program of The Residency

Application deadline

Number of participants: 6