2011/2012, a very successful first edition


Three writing residencies for documentary films were organized in Armenia, Russia and Kyrgyzstan in 2011-2012. A total of 32 filmmakers from seven different countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia) have participated in these residences during which participants work on the script of their future documentary film, compare their ideas, expose their difficulties.

The Coproduction Tënk meetings, which took place from July 12 to 14, 2012 in Yerevan (Armenia), brought together filmmakers with better prepared projects. For three days, these filmmakers "tënked" (submitted) their film project to an audience of producers and broadcasters from Europe and Eurasia. All the ten European producers who came to Yerevan were seduced by one or several projects. A big success for the project Eurasiadoc whose objective is precisely to build a network of independent directors and producers in Europe and Eurasia, allowing these regions to meet and learn to work together.


mont Ararat


Successful professional experience and rich human interaction
Besides this great opportunity for filmmakers to co-produce their films, the
Eurasiadoc project offers a space for exchanges and dialogue not only between Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union, but also between them. All directors met in Yerevan from July 5 to work during a week on their presentation film. Thus, Russians, Georgians, Kazakhs, Armenians... shared their meals, exchanged and built friendships beyond political divisions and cultural differences. And this is certainly the greatest human achievement of the Eurasiadoc project!



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